Wedding Boutonniere

Wedding is once-in-a-lifetime experience. Exactly, one year ago, during this time of the month I was preparing boutonniere’s for my wedding. It’s our very first wedding anniversary this month end, a day before New Year’s Eve.


White calla lily

Thinking of getting married is so exciting but actually planning your own wedding is lot more stressful.When you add the word “wedding” to anything, the cost goes 3x. Planning a wedding requires you to have a ridiculous amount of attention to detail. Since we were planning our wedding away from our hometown I thought of making boutonniere’s on my own.

For our wedding we picked up a theme with two colors lavender purple and yellow that compliment each other and worked well together. I wanted the boutonnieres for my wedding to look as realistic as fresh flowers and decided to go with calla lily in yellow for our families and a white calla lily for my husband. Fresh Calla Lillie’s were not available locally where my wedding was held and each piece of calla lily boutonniere costed more than I expected when thinking of buying online. D-I-Y on boutonniere was my first attempt and I was confident it wouldn’t be that hard. So, I watched a lot of videos, researched on the supplies needed to make them. 

I ordered online individual pieces of artificial calla lily with its long stem. Wished I had step-by-step pictures to show, but I hope the instructions are helpful in making your own boutonnieres.

Happy crafting this holiday season! 🙂


Yellow calla lily boutonniere DIY




Calla Lily white boutonniere DIY

Boutonniere for the Groom


Calla Lily Yellow boutonnieres DIY

For best man, groomsmen, family




Things I used:

-> Green floral tape (you get it in white as well)

Floral tape in green


-> Flowers (I used this to include some extra flowers around the Calla lily)

artificial flowers

-> Navy blue, Satin ribbon (of choice)

Satin ribbon for craft

-> Star embellishment (of choice)

embellishment for crafted items

-> Glue (or glue gun)

Handicraft glue for fabric used in boutonnieres

-> Boutonniere pins

-> Scissors


Note: The stem of Calla Lillie’s already had a wire inside so I didn’t need a floral wire.


Step 1:

Trim the Calla Lily stems roughly 2-3 inches long.

Step 2:

Start from the top where the green stem begins all the way to the bottom. Grab your floral tape and start wrapping tightly around the plastic stem until well secure.

Floral tape sticks to itself, so when you are done wrapping, simply rip off the tape end, and stick it to your wrapped boutonniere stem at the bottom.

Step 3:

Trim the flowers that you want to use with stems 1 inch long. Position the flowers by pairing together a few as you desire and repeat Step 2 for second round.

Step 4:

Using the ribbon of your choice, start from the bottom all the way to the top. Glue the start of your ribbon and work your way to the top by applying a dot of glue for every round you make.

Finish off your boutonniere by covering the green tape underneath by the ribbon. Cut off the ribbon and glue to secure at the top (I ended the ribbon at the back of the boutonniere)

Step 5:

Cut the number of stars needed. Glue them and wrap it around the top, press and hold for a few seconds until secured. One star I placed at the bast to indicate the front of the boutonniere. You can also make a bow from a ribbon and glue it.

Repeat the same for all the flowers.

Step 6:

Pin them using boutonniere pins (back view) and you are all set for the wedding!

boutonniere pins

Back view

yellow calla lily

Front view


I used a small floral wire for the yellow artificial rose bud on white Calla lily.

If your using a floral wire:

*Cut your wire into approximately 4 inches length.

*Pierce or cross the wire through the base of the rose bud.

*Bend the ends of the wire down, and hold between your thumb and forefinger.

*Adhere the floral tape where the floral wire crosses at the base, working your way to the bottom until you cover the floral wires.

*Continue from Step 3 by pairing the rose bud with the white calla lily.




For easy packaging:

I packed the boutonnieres in a large shoe box placing them in 2 layers with a bubble wrap in between the layers preventing them from getting pressed against each other.

Calla Lily yellow & white boutonniere DIY




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